Monday, 6 July 2015

Legal Observer

June 30th, 2015.
The new Tory government
cuts the Independent Living Fund.

Essential support
for more than 17,500 disabled people,
enabling them

to live independently at home,
is withdrawn, risking
them housebound, or in care homes.

On 24th June,
disability protesters,
angered, following a petition of over

10,000 signatures,
stormed the House of Commons,
just before Prime Minister’s Questions.

That day, wearing
an orange high-viz jacket,
with ‘Legal Observer’ on the back,

a young woman filmed it all.
She held her smartphone like a witness,
a testimony in pictures,

to say, the public can see.
We recorded this, as a Commons’ official

told the BBC News not to.

© Cath Davies

Cath Davies lives and writes in North Wales. She has worked in social care for many years. Currently, she is currently studying creative writing at degree level at the Open College of the Arts where she has been a student since 2008.


  1. Your poem is also a Legal Observation, dear Cath!

  2. Let's all write in high-viz jackets!